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DIY facial film Some improve looks some disfeature

Reported by shishuilink | June 12th, 2008 @ 08:46 PM

DIY facial film Some improve looks some disfeature

In life, mp3 playerswe can be studied from various information channels to a lot of multifarious DIY skin care products preparation method, make people dazzled. But can they really play a role in maintaining the skin? Which are really effective on earth? Which kind is doing useless work?

We have to mention a idea first before beginning lecturing. Think the sisters of the program will certainly remember Mr. Jin mention more than once often --All DIY cosmetics just to the help of the top layer of skin, if do deep maintenance, need, buy, produce chemistry cosmetics that the procedure produces come on, go on. This is important in ten, do remember.

DIY facial film knowledge guesses

A chocolate facial film moistens skin well

Chocolate contains the composition of the caffeine, there is efficiency of inducing oestrus, make us more lovingly pathetic; The function of many phenol of chocolate, can let the skin moisten skin.

2 DIY facial film wants the angel to spend on day

*It is not merely DIY facial film, even if the facial film products sold were not explained specially, angel on day should not use.

3 garlic facial films Yes thin face

It is feasible theoretically, because the garlic contains the composition that can make the skin cause closely, but if the smell to the peripheral kith and kin of the garlic considered " Wound " ,Do not know the sisters will also choose such a facial film.

4 various fruit facial film the whole result

*No matter which kind of DIY facial film, because has not passed the emulsification treatment of chemical procedure, it is absorbed for the skin, can only get up to the temporary moist result that its composition is difficult. Moreover, not every fruit is suitable for doing into a facial film, should use carefully.

5 bean curd facial films meet an urgent need and mend water

Bean curd contain composition of lime,mp4 players it will absorb moisture of air get up to the temporary moist result at first, but time can have lasted moisture of skin later its long too,so, used for can meet an urgent need being facial film temporarily just with, should not often use, and will control the time that the facial film apply on the face, about ten minutes.

DIY lip membrane can not be really false

A lotus lotus root starch lip membrane makes the lip not peel

The lotus root contains much body of mucopolysaccharide, so, after we apply the lotus root starch lip membrane of lotus on the lip, will think soon very moist.

2 lemon + milk power lip membrane go to the pigment of lip

*The lemon has efficiency whitened, but it is incorrect to use milk power. If yes " The lemon + yoghurt " Talk about,association on meeting is it good very. If we drip the lemon in milk power, milk power will become the same as water, the lemon has destroyed the structure of milk power, corresponding, the composition of whitening of the lemon is destroyed; But if change into the yoghurt, the composition of rennin contained of the yoghurt, will keep the composition of the lemon.

3 hot pepper lip membrane makes the lip ruddy

*Have it in some products, especially the products reducing weight, will use the hot pepper, its effective composition (capsicim) Can play a role in burning the fat of surface. However, if we daub the homemade hot pepper after on the lip, at first, it is not good to be will be got hotly, moreover, after being long, will also find that there are vertical wrinkles that appear.

4 honey lip membrane moisten skin go the cutin

The efficiency of the cutin that there might not be, but honey is very good nourishing food.USB Drive If the bad of our sleep, DRAM modulecan apply lip membrane of honey on the lip for 15 minutes before sleeping,Micro SD then drink a cup of hot milk. The result to well lulling will arise in this. http://flyshy2008.blogump.com/

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