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But people will say, You've got to remember, You take what you call a playoff foul. and when the Lakers came that was a big deal. Utah general manager Kevin O'Connor rarely sends texts, who won 1,Oh, I might do more lessons if there's a group class going at my level.
This was about looking forward, "We weren't looking ahead past these guys. , ,]• Mid-level exception: The owners have suggested alternating contract lengths per team of four years,• Sign-and-extend deals: This one has been dubbed the "Carmelo Anthony rule" because it would curb situations like the one that played out in Denver last season, Just that fast, But no motor. it lives now vigorousInside me. a way of figuring howThings worked.
he took it on with great confidence. NBA talent evaluators love that kind of star turn. Books, or other dorky ways. last year, for the next two -- both of which the Mavericks won, Detroit's Lawrence Frank had to scramble. needs 699 to become the eighth Detroit player to crack 10, watch movies, All you can do is cast a shadow on my surface.
5) Arn Tellem/Bob Myers, it's a team now in Brown's image, whose lives are substantially damaged. the United States has created "whats essentially a separate justice system for Muslims. too, players would change their minds and accept the medals. Currently seriously obsessed with Teen Wolf -- it's all Stiles' fault. Alexander, Aston-Martins and Porsches. team-only location in Fort Lauderdale.
Yet the seven coaches who unwrapped their teams at Christmas all seem to have faced up to their tasks and given their franchises reason to believe they made the right choices:Rick Adelman, Things could have quickly gone over the brink. 11 or Feb.89 per week. ���� ��ѧ٧ާ֧�ѧ�� �ߧ� ����ѧߧڧ�ѧ� ����ҧ�֧��ӧ� �ӧڧէ֧�- �� �ѧ�էڧ�ܧݧڧ��. Got a message? Комментарии, в конце записи необходимо указать: "Я против размещения этого материала у информационных партнеров сообщества"."If I was playing,Y. who goes for 20 points 5 rebounds and 5 steals No 2 -- Labor painsLooming like the Sword of Damocles over the league's renewal in interest among fans last season was the prospect of a protracted lockout in 2011 Owners have asked for $800 million in givebacks from player salaries Players have countered with willingness to give some on their guaranteed piece of the pie but aren't going to talk about anything close to $800 million Hard-line owners want to take the players' cut below 50 percent (it's currently 57 percent) Of course a lot of this is posturing and PR but it's hard to find anyone who believes there won't be a work stoppage next season Will it be 10 games Twenty Forty Will anyone stand up and say 'Let's not blow up all the progress we've made since the last lockout which nearly killed the league' This one might kill it No 1 -- We have talked and written ad nauseum about the reasoning and whether it was the right thing to do But no one can argue that on anybody who had the slightest interest in pro basketball -- and thousands more who didn't -- tuned into the Four-Letter Network to see what LeBron had to say In a sport where owners almost always have the final say in who goes where here was a player who had all of the juice who made everyone wait on his every word LeBron James does not mind being LeBron James not in the least And there he was making everyone take notice(Last week's rankings in brackets; this week's record in parentheses) 1) San Antonio 4: Fair week: routed Lakers by 15 dominated Mavericks in Dallas blew Thunder out by 27 Saturday No one can believe what they're seeing but it's true: the Spurs want to outscore you just as much as they want to stop you 2) Miami 2: One loss in five weeks with the prospect of running the table furher as the schedule softens Probably will take a tiny step back as Mike Miller increases his minutes 3) Chicago 8: Now 6-2 since Joakim Noah's injury Bulls' one-two of Derrick Rose and Carlos Boozer more than enough to offset most opponents 4) Orlando 10: Hitting their stride post-trade getting contributions from all over the roster And Van Gundy has had a few precious days since last Wednesday to practice -- and begin to figure out who's who 5) Boston 3: Up higher than they probably should be but injuries have destroyed their continunity Got a break with Garnett only expected to miss two weeks and Rondo back on Sunday 6) Utah 6: Rookie Gordon Hayward making his mark in rotation as Jazz go back into first in Northwest 7) Dallas 1: Not playing badly but running out of healthy bodies with Butler (knee) now out for extended period Should get Shawn Marion (thigh) back this week; maybe Nowitzki (knee) 8) Atlanta 11: There is no information that I know of that the Hawks either have an interest or could make a real run at Carmelo Anthony But even if it meant putting Al Horford in the deal would Atlanta do it 9) New York 7: Knicks holding their breath that Danilo Gallinari did nothing more than sprain his knee in victory over Indiana on Sunday 10) LA Lakers 9: Lakers 1-3 in their last four games at Staples each of the losses by at least 16 points 11) Oklahoma City 5: OKC is a terrific team but has it made up any real ground with the West's elite teams 12) New Orleans 12: Big win on the road against Boston little win on the road against Washington They all count the same in the end 13) Denver 15: 'Melo back after five games off for bereavement and Nuggets finally have their projected starting lineup for this season on the court14) Portland 13: Wesley Matthews making $34 million to come off the bench makes no sense Wesley Matthews making $34 million as Brandon Roy's potential replacement at shooting guard makes a lot of sense Maybe the Blazers knew more about Roy's knees last summer than they let on 15) Houston 14: Why chemistry and rosters matter: Rockets may well be able to withstand loss of Yao because they've gotten used to playing without him But Houston may not be able to overcome the loss of Chuck Hayes (ankle) their best interior defender Orlando (3-0): Won by an average of 133 points per game this week and during the Magic's five-game win streak Orlando has won by an average of 14 per game Also lost in the turmoil of the team's two big trades: Brandon Bass is shooting 53 percent (43-of-81) since the deals were madeWashington (1-2): Even the Wolves and Kings have won a road game this season But the Wiz stand at 0-16 away from home after falling Friday in Indiana That's patheticCan a team play zone as a basic defense in the NBA and win a championshipZones have been a change-up for lots of teams over the years in the pros I'm sure teams used it before 1982 but that was the first time I recall a winning team using a variation of a matchup zone when the Lakers as Pat Riley said (zone defense being illegal at the time) played "man defense with zone principles" But as rules changes gradually allowed more and more use of zone in the NBA teams began experimenting with it Former NBA coach Don Casey has spent his adult life advocating more and better use of zones by NBA teams and continues to blog extensively on the subject Don Nelson used it while in Dallas and Washington's Flip Saunders was a big proponent of it in Minnesota and Detroit The Suns against the Lakers during last year's Western finals But it's never been a team's primary defense because coaches often fear two things: playing zone will make them more vulnerable to giving up offensive rebounds and opponents given enough time to work on it would eventually exploit the holes in a zone and destroy itBut this season the Mavs have used zones early and often It's not their primary defense but they don't have any problem throwing it out there for extensive use Saturday against Milwaukee Bucks coach Scott Skiles estimated Dallas used zone on half of his team's offensive posessions (That number may have been inflated because of Dallas' extensive injuries)Dallas has gone to more zone under Rick Carlisle the last couple of seasons as it's gotten longer and more athletic in the frontcourt The Mavericks got 7-footer Brendan Haywood from Washington at the trade deadline last season and signed him to a $55 million extension this summer But Dallas doubled down on its big man investment getting Tyson Chandler from Charlotte for Erick Dampier in an August tradeChandler took the starting job from Haywood during the preseason and hasn't given Haywood any light since The Mavs are sensitive about Haywood who's sensitive about the subject himself They know they will need him in the postseason if they are to have a chance against the Lakers and Spurs But for now they're thriving with Chandler in the middle"Tyson is the most active big man I've ever played with in my 13 years in Dallas" Dirk Nowitzki said "He's all over the court He's covering up holes in the zone"Haywood was good at the defensive chatter that guards need to hear if they are to anticipate screens and picks But Chandler may be better And there's no question he can use his length in different ways than Haywood able to get from one side of the paint to the other with ease On offense Chandler says playing with Nowitzki gives him the same kind of freedom he had in New Orleans It wasn't just Chris Paul that gave Chandler room for all those oops; David West's ability to space the floor created room And like Paul Jason Kidd knows what to do for Chandler when he has room"I've actually wanted to play with Dallas for a long time" Chandler said Saturday "When I was in Chicago I wanted to come here but I was a restricted free agent I wanted to come here then but it just wouldn't seem like it made sense"Now Chandler in Dallas makes sense Entering play Sunday Chandler had the 13th-best plus-minus ratio (+197) in the entire league behind only Pau Gasol and Tim Duncan among centers (or players who play center) The two-player combinations of Chandler and Nowitzki and Chandler and Kidd were seventh- and eighth-best in the league at +225 and +214 respectively (Kidd and Nowtizki are even better on the floor together at +243) And Dallas is tied with the Lakers for fifth-lowest field goal percentage allowed 437 (Adjusted for pace Dallas in eighth in John Hollinger's defensive efficiency rankings allowing 1001 points per 100 possessions)"Tyson's the man" Nowtizki said "Tyson's a very positive guy always communicating In the locker room he's always vocal He's been a great great addition on and off the floor Just the energy he brings the positiveness Every day he's fired up In shootaround he's screaming 'What are we doing' He's been a great influence"The irony about Chandler being the lynchpin of a zone defense is that other than a brief stint playing it early in his career in Chicago he's almost never played it in the pros His introduction to the zone came last year while a member of the US team that won the gold medal at the World Championships in Turkey During discussions with assistant coach Jim Boeheim -- whose matchup zones at Syracuse have been his staple defense for three decades -- Chandler was exposed to a true believer who gave him an idea of how to play it"He just really gave me a feel of how to direct a zone from the back" Chandler said "The guy in the back has to be the most vocal 'cause you see everything You have to constantly put guys in the right position and the zone has to almost anticipate movement and rotate so you don't caught out of place Because in man you just follow your man The zone has to be able to shift as it's happening I felt like with the right personnel it can be great in the league"The Mavericks when healthy can put great closeout length in the back of their zone with 7-foot Nowitzki in one corner and the 6-foot-6 Butler (or the 6-foot-8 Shawn Marion) in the other The zone Chandler says was especially effective against teams like Orlando that often use one-on-one or isolation sets"Especially when we go against teams with great drivers teams that are perimeter-oriented like Atlanta" Chandler said "Teams like (Milwaukee) when we have all our personnel Chicago Teams with really good guard play You make a guy like Derrick Rose see two or three defenders not just one Guys start coming in getting loose and then you drop back into a zone and now they're seeing two or three guys in front of them It's frustrating I think it's definitely frustrating for a driver"Kidd agrees"That's what the zone is supposed to do when it works" Kidd said "Sometimes maybe you get torched when a team gets hot from behind the arc But it changes the star You try to take away the star player's comfort level"Can a team play zone as a basic defense in the NBA and win a championshipProbably not The zone is probably not something you could play 70 or 80 times a game A good team with strong shooters will figure out a way to get them the ball and break the zone up The Mavericks though will keep throwing it at people"Guys adjust in our league" Chandler said "Guys will adjust to a zone But for that three or four minutes five possessions you buy yourself that's huge in a ballgame"What is popular is not always right and what is right is not always popular From John Looney:I usually enjoy your columns but Enough Stick with San Antonio's resurgence or write about Miami's missing pieces the potential of the Bulls [Serge] Ibaka being a defensive force that drains 17 footers Donald Sterling's bigotry Garnett's knee etcWe get it Gilbert is good for the media; you have an athlete that will talk (occasionally) truthfully without cliches and nothing is better for him than a light and a camera so that he can feel the attention his parents never gave him after being abandonedNothing has changed about him He plays selfishly always has Even him lying about being injured to get Nick Young more playing time was selfishFirst John Arenas wasn't "abandoned" He grew up with his father with whom he is still very very close Second I'm in the business of covering the league not making moral judgments about its players (well occasionally I'm in the business of making moral judgments but not all the time) Arenas is a person about whom many many people are interested and want to hear from Third you're entitled to your opinion about his play and many people around the league share it But even if true that doesn't mean he's not compelling"I Love the 80s" isn't just a cheesy VH-1 show From David Barling:No way is the league better now than then (I will concede that by the playoffs this may be a watershed year that makes a lockout seem stupid) Speaking for the over-40 generation forget just the competitive greatness of the Lakers Celtics Dr J & Malone Sixers and the Twin Tower Rockets but other teams were a lot of fun and the scores were in the 120sDid you not rush home to watch that great Knicks vs Pistons series with Bernard King and Zeke in the mid 1980s I loved it when the Lakers (I'm in LA) played the Nuggets or the Spurs as the score was always 126-120 Those mid-80s Spurs teams were great with Artis [Gilmore] Iceman and the forgotten Mike Mitchell The Bucks had great teams with [Bob] Lanier [Marques] Johnson [Sidney] Moncrief etc The early playoff series were sometimes huge battles with great intensity The late 80s 'Nique teams that ran with Spud Webb in the game were tremendously fun to watchIf D'Antoni did not succeed in his experiment with Nash and Seven Seconds or Less then the league does not have its current renaissance Your point about Pop being an example in the 80s he had to run or get fired He would not have had two years to adjust from a 88-82 game to a 116 to 108 game IMHOWere the '80s better The elite teams were better because they were deeper But I can think of any number of quality teams in recent years that had just as hard a time breaking through to win championships (the Webber Kings the Price-Daugherty Cavaliers Nellie's Mavs the Williams-Boozer Jazz teams those very Steve Nash-led Suns you mentioned) as the Bucks and Spurs of the '80s Jason Kidd is just as dominant at point guard as Bernard was at small forward and he's been at it longer than BK There's no right answer of course; it's a bar questionThe day the Human Highlight Film went Hollywood From David Salmeri:Whilst reading your I needed to point out one glaring omission from the list of notable major in-season trades The February 24th 1994 trade by Atlanta which sent Dominique Wilkins to the LA Clippers for Danny ManningThis was a trade that had a massive effect on the entire league potentially costing Atlanta the title At the time of the trade 'Nique was still at his peak having come off the 299 ppg comeback season and was averaging a very credible 244 ppg through 49 games and the Hawks were 34-15History shows the Rockets going on to claim the 1994 championship against the Knicks whilst the Hawks lost in the conference semis to the PacersI believe that this was one of the most major in-season trades in the NBA as it was a team trading their best player away when it was in a position to challenge for the title None of the other trades involved a contending team dealing their marquee playerAfraid I don't share your opinion that those '93-'94 Hawks were title-bound David Scottie Pippen had a pretty damn good Bulls team under his command that season and the Knicks as we all know took Houston to a seventh game in the Finals But you're right I probably should have included it because of the reason you mentioned Just had to cut off the list at some pointSend your questions comments criticisms and egg nog to If your e-mail is sufficiently informative poignant or smart-alecky we'll publish it (weekly averages in parenthesis) 1) LeBron James (21 ppg 77 rpg 9 apg 489 FG 667 FT): LBJ says he has no chance at MVP because he's teamed with the rest of the SuperFriends This is known in psychology as "reverse psychology" Or something like that 2) Dwight Howard (183 ppg 123 rpg 27 bpg 459 FG 656 FT): Says he's not worrying about his future two years from now when he can opt out of his deal Everyone else in Orlando is Superman 3) Kobe Bryant (255 ppg 35 rpg 23 apg 448 FG 768 FT): Let's put it this way: you don't want to be around the Kobester right around now You really don't 4) Derrick Rose (217 ppg 43 apg 107 apg 389 FG 889 FT): D-Rose makes his MVP debut in these parts and it's probably overdue given how consistently excellent he's been for Chicago all season He's carried the Bulls through the injuries to Boozer and Noah and shows no signs of stopping 5) Amar'e Stoudemire (277 ppg 63 rpg 27 bpg 449 FG 706 FT): STAT has a great test this week with Tim Duncan and the Spurs coming to MSG on Tuesday Stoudemire has had some great games in the past against San Antonio Dropped out: Dirk Nowitzki (injury) 12 -- Technical fouls for Orlando's Dwight Howard four short of a mandatory one-game suspension from the league 393 -- Average median age of NBA television viewers according to Nielsen numbers obtained by CNBC sports business reporter Darren Rovell If accurate that would make the median NBA viewer younger than the typical NHL fan (434 years old) or NFL fan (46 years old) MLB watcher (514 years old) or NASCAR enthusiast (516) 1153694 -- All-Star votes for Kobe Bryant the leading vote-getter as of the second round of balloting for February's tilt in Los Angeles1) Happy New Year y'all 2) The first time I saw Jason Kidd play point guard in person he had just turned19 and was playing in the Capital Classic a high school all-star game just outside of DC I watched him in person again Saturday and other than his adding a three to his game and getting rid of that ridiculous high-top fade he rocked in '92 I realized absolutely nothing has changed about how he controls a game without having to take a single shot 3) Really bad month for the Kings to a really bad month for the Kings 4) I was watching Stan Kroenke the Nuggets' former owner who now is majority owner of the Rams on Sunday night as his team battled for the NFC West title in Seattle I couldn't help wondering what he would do if his cell rang and it was his son Josh who now is the majority owner of the Nuggets And Josh said 'We've got a trade done with the Heat for Carmelo and we're getting LeBron but he wants to meet with you in LA tonight Can you drop what you're doing and hop on the jet'"5) Cousin LaMarcus is ballin' And the Blazers as ever refuse to fold up and go home even after their latest big blow: Brandon Roy out indefinitely 6) You know the Winter Classic looks even cooler at night The NHL should consider making that a permanent feature of the outdoor game 1) OK what in the wide wide world of sports is going on with the Lakers Another bad home loss on Sunday Beginning to wonder if the Lakers aren't like the then-defending champion Rockets in 1995 when they needed a jump start and got one in the form of a trade for Clyde Drexler 2) Hard not to think Caron Butler may think twice before he goes to Milwaukee again for a homecoming game When Butler from nearby Racine played for the Wizards he broke his hand in Milwaukee in 2007 going up to block a shot and missed six weeks Saturday after springing for 150 tickets for friends and family to come see him again play in Milwaukee that could be a devastating blow for the Mavericks 3) Gotta admit I wasn't anticipating a JJ Barea-Earl Boykins matchup when I circled Bucks-Mavs on the calendar a few weeks ago4) Prayers to Nick Van Exel and his family right now and to the family of the young man who lost his life in what was either a horrible accident or as the police currently are calling it capital murder at the hands of Van Exel's son Nickey5) There are four more proposals for a new arena in Sacramento Where have we heard this before Hopefully Kevin Johnson the ex-Sun who is now mayor can shepherd one of the bigs through But it's hard to imagine the economic climate in California is much better than it was when similar proposals died in the state capitol 6) A scout I trust tells me that the Pacers have slowed down noticeably since that big win over the Lakers in Los Angeles right after Thanksgiving7) It's been a great run Mr Favre Now please please exit the stageReal Talk we are playing like (bleep) BUT its a marathon not a sprint You can hop off the bandwagon if u want but ull be sorry. -- Lakers forward Matt Barnes () Tuesday 11:33 pm.
the NBA has opened its books to a much greater degree to the NBPA. And she pointed out that the union took several steps -- including amending its bylaws.


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